055 – Bloodrage – 11 Exceptional Design Choices and what we can learn from them

Connect with the Nerdlab Community:Join the Nerdlab CommunityNerdlab Website Nerdlab Facebook PageNerdlab on TwitterNerdlab on InstagramJoin the Nerdlab Discord Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to the Nerdlab – Where we transform our gaming passion into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. My name is Marvin and I am an ambitious game […]

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030 – Card Drafting Mechanic – Part 3

In Episode 30 of the Nerdlab podcast, I continue talking about card drafting. This week the goal is to finish the 3 part podcast series. I am super excited about today’s episode. The topic of card drafting as a method of simultaneous action selection is so huge that I could probably spend even 2 or […]

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