030 – Card Drafting Mechanic – Part 3

In Episode 30 of the Nerdlab podcast, I continue talking about card drafting. This week the goal is to finish the 3 part podcast series. I am super excited about today’s episode. The topic of card drafting as a method of simultaneous action selection is so huge that I could probably spend even 2 or […]

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023 – Resources and Restrictions

In Episode 23 of the Nerdlab podcast, we will tackle a challenge many game designers have to face when they create a game. Today I am going to take a look at resource mechanics. At their heart, resources are a way of restricting a player to do whatever they want. The main challenge for me […]

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010 – Faction Design & Color Identity in Card Games

Hello fellow adventurers, In today’s podcast episode we’re dealing with a topic that made me ponder and sometimes even despair during the last week. It’s about dividing game elements into logically connected groups. In other words. How can I divide my cards into different factions or colors? I was wondering if my game even needs […]

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