028 – Card Drafting Mechanic Part 1

In Episode 28 of the Nerdlab podcast, I talk about my favorite game mechanic: Card Drafting. YOu’ll learn why I think this is the best mechanic of all time, how to overcome its design challenges and what kind of tactics you players can use during the draft. Follow the link to join the discord server […]

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023 – Resources and Restrictions

In Episode 23 of the Nerdlab podcast, we will tackle a challenge many game designers have to face when they create a game. Today I am going to take a look at resource mechanics. At their heart, resources are a way of restricting a player to do whatever they want. The main challenge for me […]

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021 – Level up – Character Progression in Card Games

In Episode 21 of the Nerdlab podcast, we will talk about level ups and progression systems in card games. We will talk about character progression by upgrading cards or adding new cards to a deck. We will talk about roguelikes, deck builders, deck construction games and adventure card games. All of these games have progression […]

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