070 – License Agreements & Game Design Contracts

For many independent board game designers, licensing their game to a publisher is the best way to see their creation getting out there into the wild. But most aspiring designers and aspiring publishers alike do not have a lot of experience with licensing contracts. The terms can be confusing and many designers are afraid of […]

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069 – Designing & Publishing D&D Content with Frank Tedeschi

Connect with Frank Tedeschi:Deadbox GamesInstagram Account (<– check this out if you are a DM!) Adventurers Guild Admissions Office on the DM`s Guild Connect with the Nerdlab Community:Join the Nerdlab Discord Join the Nerdlab CommunityNerdlab Website Nerdlab Facebook PageNerdlab on TwitterNerdlab on InstagramNerdlab on Twitch Today we have a special guest in the Nerdlab. Our […]

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